Vitamin C Facial Oil

Why Should I Be Using Face Oil Instead of Lotion?

I’ve long believed that oil is far superior to regular creams and serums when it comes to moisturizing our skin.  After all, oil is what our skin naturally produces to keep itself protected and (bonus) looking young.  So, take a facial oil, add in some potent brightening vitamin C in the form of 100% organic rosehips seed oil, skin-clearing vitamin A, a refreshing citrus scent, and essential fatty acids, and you’ve got a dream team on your hands.

Ole, Who?

I know I have a strange affinity for Ole Henriksen’s products.  Ok, fine! It’s an addiction.  Aren’t there worse things?  Anyway, yes it is an Ole product.  So, I might have had high expectations to begin with, but that only makes the results even better, because I hold Ole products to a higher standard.  If you have dry skin, you will love and adore and want to marry this product.  Ok, maybe not marry, but you will definitely want to sleep with it, because when you wake up, you will looove your skin!

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