First Aid Beauty: Facial Radiance Pads

Facial Radiance Pads

It’s the best deal in at-home exfoliation that you can find, folks: First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads. Twenty-eight pads for 15 bucks or sixty pads for $30, you can’t beat it.  They contain both lactic and glycolic acids, and with just a few swipes of the pads over your face at night after you wash your face, a healthy layer of skin is revealed.  Acne, fine lines, flaky skin, and discoloration slowly fade away. Any serums or moisturizers that you use after using these pads, will penetrate much better since they don’t have to sit on top of a layer of dead skin first.

A Sensitive Skin Savior

First Aid Beauty is also one of the only brands that I have found to be very effective that is still safe for sensitive skin. I only recommend using the pads once or twice a week, so as a bonus they last forever, making the pricing even more of a steal.  The pads are also a très importante step in my overnight hydrating mask habit, and an excellent alternative to spending $80-$100 for a facial peel at a spa.

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