Perfect Eyebrows 101

Get Perfect Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps!

Looking to slay your brow game? Perfect eyebrows are as easy as 1, 2, 3! Eyebrow shaping can be an overwhelming task, especially to accomplish all by yourself. However, it is so much simpler than you may think!  I created this super handy chart to help you get perfect eyebrows in just 3 easy steps! I think that it really simplifies the process for those of us that can’t go to an esthetician every few weeks for waxing. Whether you are tweezing or waxing at home, these three guidelines are all you need to know for the perfect eyebrow shape, every time!

How to Get Perfect Shaped Eyebrows in 3 Easy Steps


  1. The eyebrow should start at the first line, lining up vertically with the inside corner of the eye.
  2. The highest point of the arch should line up vertically with the outside of the iris as shown with the second line.
  3. To find out where the brow should stop, you can place a pencil vertically against your nose as shown in the first vertical line. Slowly rotate the top of the pencil to the corner of your eye while keeping the base of the pencil against the side of your nose as shown in third line, so that it lines up with the outside corner of your eye. This will show you where your brow line should end.

The biggest piece of advice that I can offer you is “when in doubt, leave it alone!” If you’re standing in front of the mirror wondering if you should tweeze that final hair, err on the side of caution. Eyebrows can be finicky, and if you tweeze too many, sometimes the hairs will never grow back. It’s a mistake that is hard to undo. As long as you take your time, and follow the three guidelines above, you’ll be slaying your brow game in no time! See? Voila. Simple! Perfect eyebrows, here you come!

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