Plan Your Instagram Grid Like a Pro

How To Plan Your Instagram Grid Like a Pro

If there is one thing I love, it’s staying organized. Some people may call it OCD, but I call it planning ahead. Nothing gives me more anxiety than not knowing my schedule, and I know you agree or you wouldn’t be here reading this right now! So, today I am going to share the 3 easy tricks I use to make planning my blog and social media content quick and easy!

Managing four Instagram accounts ain’t easy, let’s be real, and I’m not even going to get into how many different social media accounts there are to keep up with (I know you know what I’m talking about! Just keeping the passwords and login information straight is enough to make a person go crazy!)

So, if I can find a shortcut or a way to simplify the planning process, I’m all in! Luckily, I’ve found a few easy ways to keep my social media accounts organized and I’m passing them along to you. Here are my top three tools to plan your Instagram feed like a pro and keep your social media life organized!


I was lucky enough to meet the founder of Planoly, Brandy Pham, at a workshop earlier this year, and I can honestly say that using this app has completely changed my life. It’s the only digital organization device that I am not only willing to use, I look forward to using it because it makes my life easier!

What I love most about it is that you can see your entire grid in advance and what the photos will look like together BEFORE you actually post anything to Instagram!

Hallelujah! My other favorite feature is that you can save captions and hashtags to each photo in advance! You can even get a scheduled text message reminder at the exact date and time that you wanted to post a specific photo to Instagram, which is a total game changer.

I’ve integrated this into my business, so that my team can actually plan the grid on Planoly, while I can oversee the scheduled posts and captions within the app before anything is posted! This makes everyone’s life so much easier!

It’s also an easy way to keep track of photos that you don’t want to forget to post. For example, if we receive an email at the bridal shop from a wedding vendor with photos from a bride or styled photo shoot, we can upload them to Planoly when we receive them, and then go back in when we have more time to write the captions and arrange the photos so that they fit within the Instagram grid perfectly!

The Content Planner

You know I’m a sucker for an old-school daily planner! I’ve tried to make the switch from paper to a digital daily planner, and I just can’t do it. I need to SEE everything at a glance and I love physically writing on those pages. Are you with me?

The Content Planner is just like my favorite “old-school” daily planner, but was created specifically for planning blogs and social media, which is basically a dream come true! It comes with everything that I would have included had I designed it myself (and I wish I had because it’s totally genius!)

There is plenty of space to write in your own monthly business goals, collaboration ideas, and intentions for each month. Each day, there is room to write ideas for social media posts for multiple social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, while keeping track of multiple accounts.

My favorite part? STICKERS. 

Is there any reason to ever again use a boring daily planner without using stickers every day? I don’t think so. Inside the planner, there are tiny, adorable little stickers for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, but there are also stickers for blog posts, coffee dates and even photo ideas! I just can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with the stickers, but I think you probably get the idea, haha!

And the packaging, ya’ll. This would make the perfect gift for the girl boss in your life (even if that is you!) The planner arrives in a cute pink box with gold foil accents and inside is the content planner which is wrapped in tissue paper. When you open it up you will see those stickers that I am totally obsessed with, some adorable little gold paper clips and a chic gold pen!

Color Story

The final item that I wouldn’t be able to live without in this Instagram world is a great photo editing app! My two favorites are VSCO and Color Story. Both are super easy to use and help you to create a totally cohesive (and therefore well-branded) Instagram grid! My personal mode of operation is to use the same editing style (i.e filter type, brightness level, and color tone) for every photo.

I hope these three tools help you to plan your Instagram grid like a pro as much as they have helped me! As always, if you have any questions, I love hearing from you! Comment below or head on over to find me where you can see these tools in action, on my Instagram page!