About Sarah Betsy

Sarah Betsy was born and raised in a tiny town in West Virginia. Sarah is both a licensed esthetician and makeup artist as well as the creator of the all-natural skincare brand, Apothecary Company. She is also the founder of the Colorado-based bridal store Blue Bridal Boutique

After leaving West Virginia at a young age, Sarah lived in both Texas and Ohio before graduating from college with a degree in Fashion and moving to Las Vegas. It was in Vegas where she became a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. Sarah worked with brands like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Amore Pacific, BareMinerals, and Anastasia as a makeup artist and esthetician before starting her first company in 2009. Since then she has founded two bridal stores, an all-natural skincare company, and developed a passion for interior design.

She currently lives in Loveland, Colorado where she spends her time planning dinner parties, baking gluten-free desserts, creating aromatherapy blends, caring for her plethora of plants and charging her healing crystals in the moonlight. She enjoys spending her time with her two Boston Terriers, Lola and Lemon and her husband, Brendan.