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5-Minute Makeup Must-Haves

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It’s No Secret That I Love Makeup

But, I also love leaving the house in five minutes flat and not looking like a total train wreck. Enter, my 5-minute makeup must-haves of the moment. Let me first just say that I have an entire drawer full of styling products that I literally never use on my hair. So, when I got a free sample of Living Proof’s In Shower Styler, I was kind of like, WTH? I really wasn’t sure about it, I am not going to lie. But, it was in my shower, so I thought, I may as well give it a try!

The Name Doesn’t Lie, It Was a Perfect Hair Day

I let my hair air dry that night as the instructions recommended, and then I kind of forgot about it. Until the next morning when I curled my hair. I have super long, fairly thick hair, and curls tend to fall pretty flat on me pretty quickly. Not with this miracle product in my hair! It was still looking freshly curled at noon! And by the time I got home that evening, yes it had fallen, but it was still looking better than any other day that I could remember. Needless to say, I promptly walked my happy tush into the nearest Sephora and purchased the full-sized product the very next day. That is saying a lot for me because I tend to be a strictly online shopper, especially when it comes to Sephora!

The Best CC Cream

Now, I am going to be straight with you friends, I am obsessed with this CC cream. That being said, I recommended it to my best friend and she hated it. She said it was like glitter on her face (she was not feeling the “illumination.” Which I did read in the reviews online when I ordered it, and then immediately disregarded. I have a feeling this has to have something to do with skin type. I tend to be more normal to oily, while my best friend’s skin is dry. That’s just my personal theory, because I can’t come up with another reason that would make anyone hate this stuff. To me, it creates the most perfect glowy, non-makeup look, but still manages to provide pretty full coverage. It’s the best no-makeup makeup I have found, and I love it. And it doesn’t make me break out, which pretty much makes it the best stuff on Earth as far as I am concerned.

Two Second Matte Bronzer

I am going in the order of application here, so as not to cause confusion. After I put on the CC cream, I literally do a heavy swipe of this matte bronzer directly onto each cheek and then rub it in with my fingers. Two-second bronzer? I am all in on that one, folks. ALL IN. My one criticism is that it probably doesn’t last as long as a powder bronzer, but when I need 5-minute makeup, I really don’t care. It’s a great, natural color and it’s easy and quick. That’s all I need. Next up is the Naked Basics eyeshadow palette, which I may or may not actually bother to use if I am feeling lazy. But it’s an easy no-brainer as far as the colors though, so even if I am being lazy, it’s an easy one to use without much thought or effort.

The Best Mascara In The World

All I really have to say about this one is that it is the only mascara I will ever need. L’Oreal, if you are listening, I love you. You are the longest relationship I have ever had and I’m never quitting you.

The One Lip Balm That is Always in my Purse

Fresh Sugar Rosé is lightweight, a teeny bit pink, and it is simply perfection. It looks just like my natural lip color, only better. And it comes in so many colors now! I never leave the house without it. So, there you have it folks, my 5-minute makeup must-haves. I hope you guys love them too! If you have any questions about how to use them or what colors I would recommend, please leave a comment below, I love hearing from you! And remember, that old saying that five-minute makeup looks like five-minute makeup? I say, no way, not anymore!

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