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How To Clean Makeup Brushes 101

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The Best Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you have ever wondered how to clean makeup brushes, I’ve got your back! It’s super simple and easy and you only need a couple of inexpensive items to get started. The first thing that you will need in order to get your makeup brushes clean is a gentle, yet effective cleanser! While the $24 brush cleansers are great, my favorite cleanser for an array of natural or synthetic makeup brushes is this Dr. Bronner’s cleanser. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and all of the other gunk you don’t want or need in your beauty products! It is an excellent cleanser but will still be gentle on those pricey makeup brushes. It’s very inexpensive, and best of all a little goes a long way!

The Best Gadget You Never Knew You Needed

Sure you can swirl the brushes in your hands to get them clean, but for two bucks you can get this handy little pocket-sized plastic scrubber that cleans makeup brushes like a dream. This tiny little gadget seems like something you wouldn’t actually need to use to get your brushes clean, but trust me, once you make the switch you will see loads more makeup coming out of your brushes than you even thought was possible. It’s strangely satisfying to see how much goop you can actually get out of those brushes even after rinsing them and re-scrubbing two or three times!

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Cleaning the brushes is super simple. Fill a glass with a few drops of the cleanser of your choice, followed by some warm water. You want the water to be warm to help break up all of the oils, but you don’t want it to be too hot because you will be handling the brushes and you don’t want to get burned. The warm water will also be gentler on the bristles than hot water.

One at a time, pick up a brush and dunk it into the soapy water mixture. With the brush pointing downward slowly and gently swirl the bristles around either the plastic scrubber or your hand and then rinse with plain water. Repeat the process until the water runs clear. That’s it. You just learned how to clean makeup brushes!

One Important Piece of Advice

The main piece of advice I have for you guys if you want your brushes to last a long time is to never turn the brush and bristles upright while the brush is still wet! This will cause the water to get into the base of the brush where the bristles are attached and cause the glue to break down. Pretty soon, you will be pulling loose bristles out of the brush, or even worse you will be pulling bristles off of your face while you are trying to use the brush to put your makeup on!

Now What?

Once your brushes are clean, gently lay them FLAT on a towel to dry overnight. Do not, I repeat, do not put them upright in a jar as this will cause the bristle shedding problem I just warned you about! The makeup brushes should dry within about 12-24 hours depending on the type of brushes you have, and once they are dry you will be all set to use your clean makeup brushes again!

I would recommend washing your makeup brushes at least once a week. Don’t be like me and realize one morning that your skin is breaking out and oops….maybe you should have washed your makeup brushes about six weeks ago. There is no worse feeling of inadequacy. 🙂 If that were to happen to you though, don’t worry, all of that self-loathing will be dissolved once you have the gratifying experience of seeing all that junk cleaned from your brushes and washed down the drain!

Questions? Leave a comment and let me know, I love hearing from you guys! Are you a beauty beginner? See more 101 classes here!

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