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Bridal Boutique Redesign

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The Bridal Boutique Redesign

Do you guys ever like to completely overwhelm yourself with several major projects going on at exactly the same time? Cause I sure do! For some reason, last year I decided that moving my business AND buying a new house during the same month was a great idea. Umm..what? Yeah, I am still trying to figure it out myself.

For now, I will stick to showing you the store remodel (ta dah!) and maybe get into the house remodel another time. It’s been almost a year since we finished remodeling the house and I am still not allowed to mention the refinishing of cabinets around the husband. Needless to say, it was a long road to completion! But I digress.

Why the Redesign?

Our boutique was in the same location for about eight years before the move, so the move was a pretty big deal for us, logistically. And I didn’t just want to move the store, I wanted to redesign the entire thing too. I figured if we were going through the trouble of moving, we may as well update things along the way and give the shop a little refresh! Black and white stripes be-gone! I wanted light and bright and airy. And so it began. I made lists upon lists and used my trusty (old school) paper calendar to record all of the important details about the move. I thought I had things totally under control. That is, until the movers didn’t show up.

I’m Never Moving Again

We had exactly four days from the time the movers were supposed to show up at our old location until our brides started showing up for appointments at our new location. So basically, as soon as the movers didn’t show up, we were down to three days. After calling around in a panic to several local moving companies, we finally found someone who was able to be there the next morning to get us moved! Thank you, Lord!

Luckily, our team is amazing and with the help of the new, more reliable movers, we were able to get the store all set and ready to go for our lovely brides (somehow) just in the nick of time! I wish I had before photos to show you, because this space was a CrossFit gym before we moved in, and let’s just say, it took a lot of work to turn it into a bridal shop. Here is a peek at what the store looked like after the chaos subsided and we all took a week-long nap.

Kari Geha Photography

Where Did You Get Those?

The three most common questions we get asked are about the paper flowers, the “happy place” sign and the jewelry boxes. I also get asked about how to keep a fiddle leaf fig tree alive, but I will get into that in another post. Fiddle figs, as I like to call them, are finicky little creatures, and although they are the most beautiful trees, we kind of have a love-hate relationship. Anyway, back to the important stuff, like shopping!

The hand-made paper flowers are from this little shop on Etsy called Paper Flora. They sit in the little photo shoot corner that we created, where brides can take photos with their friends and families after they’ve bought their dress. There is a little shimmery decal on the wall that says “I said yes!” which we hoped would create a totally “grammable” moment for our brides!

The little glass shadow boxes that we used for the jewelry boxes are from West Elm. The couches are from Home Decorators, and I have to say they are lovely little couches for such a great price! The “happy place” sign is from one of my favorite stores on Etsy, House of Belonging.

So, Was it Worth It?

It was so much work you guys, but so worth it. I feel like the vibe is so much brighter than our old shop, which is exactly what I was hoping for with this move! The only thing that I would do differently would be to add more succulents. However, I have been advised by both my employees and my friends that my plant hoarding ways are out of control. I’m trying to reign it in, so instead, I just buy more plants for my house! That’s a totally normal coping mechanism, right?

If you have any questions about anything else pictured that I failed to mention, I will be tagging most of these photos on my Instagram page with links to all of the vendors! If you still can’t find a specific item, just let me know and I will do my best to track it down for you! Well, that concludes our lovely little bridal store tour, I hope you guys enjoyed it!


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