Benefits of CBD Oil

December 11, 2019

6 Benefits of CBD Oil


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If you’ve been in my vicinity at all in the past year, you’ve definitely heard me talking about my obsession with CBD. For some reason, it took me a long time to really gain enthusiasm for CBD, but now that I’m on the bandwagon, I can’t shut up about the benefits of CBD oil.

I’ve had several friends that were kind of like me at first, a little ho-hum about the idea of taking CBD for their various ailments, but after a little convincing, I can proudly say that they are all as equally obsessed as I am with this trendy little health warrior.

Now, in case you’re still in the contemplation phase, let me go over some of the benefits with you to see if you might be willing to give it a try!


The main life-changing event that really got me to start singing the praises of CBD oil was when I had the best night’s sleep of my life the first time in YEARS after taking a super tiny dose of a seemingly random CBD oil that my acupuncturist recommended. “Just try it,” she urged, through my scowl of heavy skepticism. After one dose, I was officially converted.

Muscle Pain

It didn’t take me long to start trying CBD oil in other areas of my life. Back pain? Give me some topical hemp oil to rub on my back. Over-exercising at Orange Theory? I’ll take a dose under my tongue as soon as I get home to prevent soreness. The benefits of CBD oil really are endless.


Breakouts? Give me some CBD oil to help with the inflammation. I’ve even started experimenting with some of the new skincare topicals, like hemp face balms and bath bombs.

Caffeine Jitters

One little known but majorly, well..major benefit of CBD oil is combating caffeine jitters. Have you ever gone a little crazy with your morning lattes and then made the mistake of stopping one too many times at a coffee shop during your day? If you have a serious case of caffeine overload, try taking a dose of CBD oil to calm down those pesky jitters.

Stress + Anxiety

Last but definitely not least in my book is using CBD oil to calm stress and anxiety. Whether you need a little calming support to get through an annoying meeting or a little burst of zen to restore your sanity during your drive home, keeping a little CBD in your purse can definitely be a savior when you least expect it.


What do you think, are you a CBD convert yet? If you’re already using CBD oil did this give you a few new ideas and ways to use it? I hope so! As always, if you have any questions about dosing or anything else that I might be able to help with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

Relaxation Inspiration

If you need some more relaxation inspiration, check out this article that I wrote on the top 3 supplements for restful sleep. Combine any of those with CBD oil and you just might have the best sleep of your life!

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