Beauty Benefits of Micellar Water

April 8, 2019

Beauty Benefits of Micellar Water


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Benefits of Micellar Water

Are you aching to simplify your skincare routine? Craving dewy-fresh skin? Eager to eliminate harsh chemicals from your daily rituals? Micellar water might be the answer to your quest for clearer, healthier skin. Discover the uses and beauty benefits of micellar water, a well-kept Parisian secret that’s sweeping the American beauty scene.

What Is Micellar Water?

The first ingredient in micellar water is—you guessed it—water. But not just any water—this is the purest water, perfect for cleansing delicate facial skin.

So How Does It Work?

Not to get too science-y on you, but mild surfactants aid in the breaking down of sebum, oil, and grime on the skin. The surfactants cluster together into microscopic spheres known as micelles, which float through the purified water. Each micelle attracts oil, dirt, bits of makeup, dead skin particles, and other unwanted substances, like a magnet pulling metal filings toward itself.

Micellar water usually contains some hydrating ingredients, too, like tiny amounts of glycerin.

Time-Tested Results

Micellar water may be a new thing in the States, but in Paris, women have sworn by it for decades. Imagine a model in Paris, prepping for fashion week, or a trend-savvy French businesswoman getting ready for her day—chances are, they would both have a bottle of micellar water at their fingertips.  

And who doesn’t want a little touch of that Perisian je be sais quoi for their skin? Oui oui?

Micellar water was first developed as an alternative to the harsh tap water in Paris, and it’s been saving the skin of women and men of all ages ever since!

Goodbye, Harsh Chemicals—Hello, Hydration!

Is your skin sensitive to chemicals and standard foamy washes? Does it tend to dry out, leaving you with flakier skin than you’d like? Skip the toners (which often contain alcohol) and the traditional face scrubs or washes, and try micellar water for a while!

To apply micellar water, simply soak an organic cotton pad with the liquid and gently wipe it over your face. Note how the makeup, dirt, and grime adhere to the cotton, wicking away from your skin. If you have a lot of buildup on your face from a long day, you may need to use a couple of cotton balls to get your skin totally clean.

The best part is, there’s no need to rinse off micellar water! In fact, leaving it on without rinsing allows the hydrating molecules within the water to remain in place, working their magic on dry skin.

The Perfect Pairing

For some women with oilier skin, micellar water may not pack enough cleansing power. Good news—you can still use micellar water! Just pair it with your favorite facial cleanser. You may also need additional makeup remover or cleanser if you’re wearing a thicker layer of foundation or eye-shadow.

Keeping It Clean

When you select your micellar water, be sure you choose one with clean ingredients. The purified water itself is a good start, but it’s also important to select a solution with as few ingredients as possible. S. W. Basics’ Cleanser has just three components—tea tree oil, rosewater, and vegetable glycerin. Burt’s Bees Micellar Cleansing Water is also natural, pure, and beautifully effective.

If you’d like a product without surfactants, try Whamis Organic Flowers Cleansing Water, which contains all-natural extracts of aloe, rosemary, rosewood, dandelion, and licorice to sweep away dirt and brighten skin tone. REN Rosa Centifolia 3-in-1 Cleansing Water is another pure, detergent-free option.

Micellar water comes in large bottles to keep in your bathroom as well as small bottles you can toss into a purse or a laptop bag for use during the day. Prices run the gamut from under $10 to almost $100.

I hope you love the delicate cleansing artistry of micellar water as much as I do. Definitely let me know if you have a favorite clean micellar water that I haven’t tried yet! 

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