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I'm an intuitive empath, holistic aesthetician, and indie beauty company founder. After recovering from autoimmune disease, PCOS, and infertility, I love sharing the holistic lifestyle tips I've learned to help busy mamas crack the code on safer products that actually WORK + a lifestyle that works for YOU.

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Clean beauty + holistic wellness tips to help you crack the code on safe beauty products that actually WORK + a lifestyle that works for YOU.


How I Escaped From Autoimmune Disease And How You Can Too

I Woke Up And Couldn’t Move My Hands A few years ago, I woke up one morning and could barely move my hands. I had no idea what was going on as more symptoms began appearing over the next few weeks. My eyes were so itchy, it was uncomfortable to have them open. My wrists […]

How I Escaped From Autoimmune Disease

Where It All Began Once upon a time, circa 2006, I was living in a 400 square foot apartment in Austin, TX. I had a miserable job with a horrible law-evading boss, a terrifying neighbor that only exacerbated my already terrible insomnia, and a raging case of social anxiety. The Time Had Come It was […]

My NY Market Favorites

Trouvé Raw Edge Leather Jacket | Argento Vivo Monogram Necklace | Wit & Wisdom Super Smooth Stretch Skinny Jeans | Leah Alexandra Stone Ring | Chloe Drew Leather Shoulder Bag | Vince Camuto Francia Bootie My Favorite New York Outfit This Year When we first started going to New York for bridal market, I was generally wearing dresses or other fancier things. Now, after eight […]

How To Make Your Own Succulent Garden

How To Make Your Own Succulent Garden As a self-described plant hoarder, I will jump on just about any chance to add more plants to my house.  A succulent garden is fairly easy to keep alive with minimal watering and not a lot of care. So, if you are a notorious plant-killer, this one may […]

5 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Being a Boss is Hard Work Are you running a busy household, or are you a busy soloprenuer? Or maybe have you worked your way up the corporate ladder and you still feel like you just can’t quite get caught up? Do you look at other people and wonder, “How are they making it look […]

Denver Bridal Shower

There’s just something about true friends. The people who have known you the longest. The friends who saw you through your first horrible heartbreak. The ones who were with you when you had your first drink, were with you when you first had too much to drink and also when you spoke in a Russian […]