Lavender Calendula Body Oil

December 19, 2018

DIY: Homemade Lavender Calendula Body Oil


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Wouldn’t it be nice to make your own beauty products instead of having to buy them at the store? Well, I’ve got some good news for you today, my friend. You can!

I’m sharing one of my all-time favorite recipes with you, one I’ve been making for years. With just a few ingredients and a little bit of patience, you too can make your own homemade lavender calendula body oil!

DIY Homemade Lavender Calendula Body Oil

This oil is the real deal. You can use it in place of shaving cream, as a makeup primer, as a soothing face oil and even as a cuticle oil! I’ve been making big batches of this stuff for years, and you will never believe how easy it is to make it yourself!

The calendula flowers soothe and nourish the skin, while the lavender flowers act as an amazing antibacterial agent. Lavender also offers so many aromatherapy benefits and is super soothing to the skin. You can even add a few drops of any essential oils that you love, to make it totally customized, just for you.


1/2 Cup Organic Dried Lavender Flowers

1/2 Cup Organic Calendula Flowers

2 Cups Organic Jojoba Oil*

One Clean and Sanitized Glass Mason Jar with a Removable Lid


  1. Fill the empty mason jar with the dried lavender and calendula flowers.  Usually, the jar will be filled about 1/4 of the way up with the flowers.
  2. Fill a small pan with the jojoba oil.
  3. Heat the oil on low for a few minutes until it’s just warm. Be careful not to overheat the oil. You want it to be warm, not hot.
  4. Pour the warm oil over the top of the lavender and calendula flowers in the mason jar and seal the lid once the oil has completely cooled.
  5. Now, you just have to wait for the flowers to infuse into the oil. Up to 3-4 weeks is ideal for maximum benefits, but you can use the oil in as little as 24 hours once it’s had enough time to begin infusing.
  6. Open the jar and pour the contents through a small strainer into another empty glass jar, in order to strain out the flowers.

You Just Made Your Own Body Oil

Now you have your OWN homemade lavender body oil! You can use this oil in your own salt scrubs or to moisturize your skin after you shower (my favorite!)  It also makes the most amazing hostess gift. You can throw in a few dried flowers of your choice, as shown in the photo, for a truly gorgeous presentation! Just keep the oil out of sunlight, if you aren’t using a dark container, for the longest shelf life.

*I prefer to use either jojoba oil or sweet almond oil as they are more easily absorbed into the skin, but you can use any unscented oil that you like.

Love DIY Beauty recipes? Check out my fully customizable, DIY facial oil recipe, infused with different botanicals and oils for each skin type!

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