Neroli + Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe

December 21, 2018

DIY: Neroli + Lavender Sea Salt Body Scrub Recipe


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Ok, get ready, because I may just blow your mind with the easiest salt scrub recipe in history. How can it be this easy and still be this good? You’ll just have to make it to find out!

To say I’m obsessed with salt scrubs and salt soaks would be an understatement. That’s why I’m so excited to be bringing this one to you today. It’s super easy, super quick, and best of all, you probably already have all of the ingredients on-hand.

DIY Neroli and Lavender Salt Scrub Recipe

With only essential oils, salts and all-natural botanicals, this is one DIY beauty recipe that you’ll be whipping up day after day. Now, let’s get to it. Here’s my neroli and lavender pink Himalayan sea salt body scrub recipe!


1 Tablespoon Epsom Salt

2 Tablespoons Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

2-3 Tablespoons Oil Of Your Choice (Such As Jojoba Oil)*

3 Drops of Organic Neroli Essential Oil + 2 Drops of Organic Lavender Essential Oil ( or 2-6 Drops of Any Of Your Favorite Organic Essential Oils)


Combine the above ingredients into a small mug and mix well. (Note: I prefer using a mug rather than a bowl because it creates fewer accidents with slippery hands in the shower!)

Now, during your shower, just rub the salt scrub onto wet skin in circular motions all over your body. Be sure to avoid eyes and other sensitive areas. The pain of salt stinging in the wrong places is no joke.

It’s best to work starting at your feet and moving towards your heart to really help with circulation and detoxification. After you shower and dry off, you can also follow up with your favorite lotion or body oil.

If you want to get really fancy, you could start with a dry brushing ritual before you even shower. Then follow up with this salt scrub once you’re in the shower!

Easy Substitutions

If you don’t have a favorite oil on hand, you can definitely use olive oil, or even coconut oil instead. If you don’t have pink Himalayan sea salt, you can use regular sea salt as well. That’s what makes this recipe so great, it’s super easy to customize to your taste and use up whatever you happen to have on hand!

*I prefer a lighter oil such as jojoba oil, but whatever oil you love is fine! My very favorite oil to use is this lavender calendula body oil that you can whip up in a big batch and use for several months in all kinds of ways.

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