October 11, 2018

Magical Adaptogenic Vanilla Collagen Butter Coffee Recipe


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Are you a fan of putting butter in your coffee or does the thought of it make your tummy squirm? Even if your not a huge fan so far, this little recipe may just change your mind!

Throughout my recovery process from several auto-immune issues, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with coffee. I love it (for obvious reasons.) But what I don’t love is the crazy blood sugar crash that ensues from even just one cup of the stuff. In fact, it’s a super frustrating way to start the day!

After a lot of experimenting, I created what I like to think is the perfect bulletproof coffee recipe, with a yummy and totally all-natural vanilla twist!

How Does It Balance Hormones?

With adaptogenic mushrooms to balance stress and reduce the risk of adrenal fatigue, maca powder to support hormone balance, collagen peptides for protein, grass-fed butter to support healthy blood sugar levels and MCT oil to support brain function, this is one delicious latté that you can feel great about!

Surprise, Surprise

Coffee used to cause crazy blood sugar swings for me, to the point that I actually had to stop drinking it. Now that I found a better way to combine ingredients to creates more balance within my system, I can drink as much coffee as I want! (Cue the angels singing.)

For people who are sensitive to caffeine (like me) many times just balancing blood sugar, and in turn, hormones, may just make caffeine a little more tolerable on the system.

Hot Tips

Now, I’m gonna tell you something. You may not LOVE the idea of putting powdered maca in your coffee (don’t worry, the flavor is delicious.) After all, it may not be something that you already have in your pantry.

But, it will give you SO much energy, that it will be worth it. You’re going to have to trust me on this one. If you aren’t sure, start with the recipe without the maca powder first. Then, a few days later, try adding in some maca and you will see the difference. I pinky swear, promise. Ditto on the vanilla bean ghee.

You may be tempted to go for the regular ghee, or to use regular old grass-fed butter. Please listen to me when I say that IT WOULD BE A HUGE MISTAKE. The vanilla beans are really what take this butter coffee to another level. If you fight me on this, I may stop sharing recipes with you. Just kidding. But seriously. Don’t skip the vanilla bean ghee. 🙂

Vanilla Collagen Butter Coffee

Anyway…back to the task at hand. After many years of trial and error, I finally found (what I believe to be) the perfect ratio of ingredients for the perfect cup of butter coffee!

Wanna know the recipe? Here ya go! Let’s make some delicious vanilla collagen butter coffee!


1 packet of Four Sigmatic Lions Mane and Chaga Mushroom Coffee Mix

1 tablespoon Grass-Fed Vanilla Bean Ghee

1 teaspoon Moon Juice Maca Powder

1 tablespoon MCT oil

1 scoop of Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

5 ounces of boiling, filtered water


Combine all of the above ingredients into a blender and blend on medium-high speed for one minute. Drink and enjoy!

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