My Top 3 Favorite Summer Beautycounter Products

June 6, 2018

My Top 3 Favorite Summer Products


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You guys! It’s that time again!

I’m so excited for summer and I’m equally excited to be able to bring my favorite (safe) beauty products to everyone! I wanted to let you guys in on my top three favorite Beautycounter (toxin-free) products for summer, beginning with their Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist.

Mineral Sunscreen Mist

We are all trying to do the right thing when it comes to keeping our families protected and slathered up in sunscreen, right? One key thing to remember when trying to choose a safer sunscreen option is that you want to avoid sunscreens with dangerous chemicals, specifically oxybenzone. Have you heard of it?


Oxybenzone is found in 96% of Americans….what?! Um, yeah, that means YOU likely have exposure. So not ok, right?

Well that depends. We’ve all been using drugstore sunscreens for most of our lives, right?

The short answer is – because it’s a hormone disruptor.

It mimics hormones, which causes confusion within your body’s own hormonal system. It has been linked to endometriosis and reproductive damage. It’s been increasingly linked to early puberty in girls, low sperm count and male infertility, and an increase in hormone-related cancers in men and women.

Meaning, if you’re putting regular old sunscreen on from the drugstore, chances are you’re slathering yourself (and maybe your kiddos or other family members) in this chemical. NOPE. Not anymore. Thanks, but no thanks.

That’s why I love this mineral sunscreen. Countersun is safe. Safe for your hormones and safe for your skin.


My Top 3 Favorite Summer Beautycounter Products


Listen, if I am essentially going to be accidentally ingesting whichever lipgloss I have on throughout the day as I’m eating and drinking, it better have safe ingredients. This one delivers, and bonus: it has a natural (yummy) vanilla flavor and goes on without any stickiness.

Cream Highlighter

I looove a good highlighter, are you with me? These are sheer, blendable and give you that lit-from-within look. You know, the glow that makes you look naturally radiant and not feeling like a disco ball? I love these for summer, and depending on the color you choose, they can double as either a blush or bronzer as well.

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