How To Do A New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

December 15, 2018

How To Do A New Moon Manifesting Ceremony


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How To Do A New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

If you’ve been living on planet Earth for a while now, you’ve likely been hearing all about the moon cycles and manifesting and moon ceremonies. You may be wondering…what the heck is everyone talking about?! If you’re #mooncurious and don’t know where to start, today I’m going to share with you a super simple way to hold your own new moon ceremony.

How To Do A New Moon Ceremony

You don’t need anything fancy, you may actually have a lot of fun, and you’ll be surprised at what you may be able to manifest with just a little bit of effort. Without further adieu, let’s learn how to do a new moon manifesting ceremony!

Why The New Moon

A new moon is the part of the moon cycle where things are, you guessed it, new! During a full moon, the moon cycle is about to start over. That’s why full moons are the best times for letting things go and figuring out what you’re hoping to bring in with the next moon cycle. When the new moon comes about, it’s important to think about your dreams and goals. Those are the wishes that will grow as the moon grows throughout its cycle. This is why it’s the best time for manifesting blessings.

What You Will Need

To hold your own new moon ceremony, you’ll only need a few things. First, you’ll want to find yourself a relaxing space in your home. This will be very similar to preparing for a meditation. In a way, a new moon ceremony is a meditation, just with specific goals in mind. It’s also helpful to have something to assist you in clearing out any stagnant energy. If you’re holding on to work or relationship drama, those are things that we definitely want to clear out and not bring with us into the next moon cycle.

Sage + Palo Santo

Things like sage, crystals, palo santo, and essential oils are great tools that help to release stagnant energy. If you’re new to sage or palo santo, here is an article that I wrote on what smudging is and how to do it. Using essential oils like vetiver, lavender, and frankincense on your body will also help to diffuse any unwanted energy.

Crystals + Essential Oils

Crystals like amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and selenite are good stones to have around for the same purpose. Some other crystals that are great to have during a new moon ceremony are citrine and pyrite, which aid in bringing in abundance and blessings. If you don’t have any of these things, that’s totally fine! You can still do your ceremony. These are just things to keep in mind for the future, as you’re building up your magical repertoire.

Let’s Get Started

Now, let’s get into how to do a new moon manifesting ceremony. First, make yourself comfortable in a quiet and dimly light space. If you have crystals, place those around you, or hold on to whichever stones you feel the most drawn to holding.

Smudge the area with sage or palo santo if you have some, or use some essential oils before you get going. Add some soft music to help you relax and then close your eyes. Take several deep breaths to ground yourself and make space for new intentions. Focus on what you most want to happen in your life in the near future.

Now, envision those things as if they have already happened. Feel what it would feel like in your body to feel the happiness that you feel with those dreams and goals having already been completed. Take a few more deep breaths.

Continue to visualize and believe that your deepest wishes have already come true. (It may help you to write these goals down and keep them on your nightstand so that you can see them every day. If your goal is financial abundance, for example, write yourself a check in the amount that you need and keep it somewhere that you will see it every day.)

Once you can actually feel that your wishes and goals have come true, take a few more deep breaths and open your eyes. You, my friend, have just completed a new moon manifesting ceremony!

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