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February 11, 2020

Product Review: Leahlani Skincare


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Ok, I have to admit something. I’ve put off writing this blog post for literally months because I truly love the Leahlani Skincare line so much, that I really don’t think that I can do it justice with just words.

That being said, I’m considering it my civic duty to at least TRY to express the miracle that is Leahlani, by reviewing some of my very favorite products for you. Just keep in mind that one of the best things in the entire world is the way this whole line smells and I will never be able to convey that in it’s entirety to you with this tiny blog post.

Now, without further adieu, let’s get to it. Here is my humble product review of the Leahlani Skincare line, straight out of the magical lands of Hawaii from my little condo in Loveland, Colorado to you.

Bless Beauty Balm

So, let’s begin with what I like to call the gateway product from Leahlani Skincare, the Bless Beauty Balm. When I first opened the cap to this little baby I think that I may have actually heard angels singing. It smelled so good that I couldn’t think straight.

But, once I got my wits about me and actually tried it out, things got even better. This smooth, rich, buttery soft balm turned into the most luxurious serum and finished almost into a lightweight oil-like texture sinking straight into my skin.

Bless Aromatherapy Essense

I must not be the only one who experienced the angels singing because Leahlani Skincare also turned the scent of that balm into an all-natural perfume, made up entirely of whatever essential oils heaven is made of and bottled them into a tiny gorgeous bottle for all of us to enjoy on Earth.

The Bless Aromatherapy Essense is truly from another world. There’s no other way that I can describe it. And the best part? You can try it out for as little as $7 because they now offer a sample size!

Pamplemousse Tropical Cleansing Oil

So, I’m basically in love with every single thing that exists from Leahlani Skincare. I’m not kidding you guys, everything smells SO GOOD, like heavenly. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to be using the Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil for the rest of eternity because I love it so much.

It smells amazing thanks to pink and white grapefruit oils and vanilla and it rinses cleanly away thanks to the pineapple and papaya enzymes. It doesn’t say to use it on your eyes, but I’ve found that it even takes off my most stubborn waterproof eye makeup as well.

Siren Brightening Serum

A brightening combination of cold-pressed oils, this Siren Brightening Serum is not only packed full of brightening vitamin C, but it’s full of nutrient-rich micro-algae and fatty acid-packed sea buckthorn oil. As a bonus, it also happens to be an aromatherapy treatment that will leave you feeling like you just left a luxurious spa.

Honey Love Microderm Exfoliator

If your skin is a little bit too sensitive for traditional microdermabrasion, but you love a good exfoliation, then you will absolutely love the Leahlani Honey Love Microderm Exfoliator.

With soothing honey, lavender essential oil, and sweet Hawaiian nectars, this mask will make you forget that microdermabrasion machines even exist. Oily, combination and acne-prone gals will rejoice in the option of a hydrating exfoliant that won’t exacerbate troubled skin.

Meli Glow Illuminating Mask

This is the mask that I reach for when I really don’t know what my skin needs because it always seems to need a little bit of soothing and mentally, I always seem to need a lot of stress-relief. Luckily, this mask takes care of both.

Packed with skin-soothing and antibacterial honey, enzymes and vitamin-rich tropical fruits, the Leahlani Meli GLOW Illuminating Mask is perfect for all skin types and will plump and moisturize even the most dehydrated skin, leaving you with that signature Meli GLOW.

Kalima Coconut Cream Cleanser

Now, you may have seen me foray into non-traditional cleansers a few times, but I have to say, this Kalima Coconut Cream Cleanser is one of my very favorites. Soothing oatmeal powder meets skin-softening clay, silky coconut milk, and vanilla beans. What’s not to love? All you have to do is add water to create a luxurious foamy lather that leaves skin baby soft, brightened and totally refreshed.

Kokoleka Purifying Mask

A chocolatey-delicious mixture of cacao seed powder, coconut charcoal, and soothing colloidal oat powder, this Kokoleka Purifying Mask is what dreams are made of, especially for hormonal acne.

You’ll feel like you’re smoothing a yummy dessert all over your face when you first apply this mask. I have to say – it’s weird, it’s wonderful, and it also feels just a little bit naughty. Then, when you end up with replenished, detoxified skin, you’ll know the real story: you just had a true spa treatment in your own home.

Bless Beauty Bar

Now, if you’ve read my review of the Kopa Kauai Soap Company, you may already be a little bit familiar with this next product, which also happens to be a collaboration between Leahlani and her mama. How sweet is that?

I was already in love with these Sea Salt soaps from the second I found them, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when they came out with a version in my all-time favorite scent and made this Bless Beauty Bar.

These truly are an affordable luxury and they make the PERFECT gift. They come packaged so beautifully. They’ve really become my go-to for gifts for family and friends.

Product Reviews

Well, now you officially know just a little bit more about a few of my very favorite products. Now that you know more about these Leahlani Skincare products, I really hope you give some of them a try!

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