Product Review: Rosen Skincare

July 12, 2019

Product Review: Rosen Skincare


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A safe skin care line for acne-prone skin with minimal ingredients and breakout busting powerhouses like tea tree oil and bentonite clay? Count me in! It’s hard to find a company that specializes in clearing acne but leaves out all of the skin shaming tactics, nasty chemicals, and junky ingredients.

That’s why I was so excited to try Rosen Skincare, and why I’m sharing this review today. So let’s get to it, shall we? Six different Rosen Skincare products, and my honest thoughts on each one.

Tingling Mud Mask $18

So, I rarely buy the same mask twice. I admit it, I am totally mask-obsessed. This Tinging Mud Mask is the one Rosen product out of the six that I tried, that I actually did buy a second time. I just love the tingly clean feeling, and it truly does seem to help my breakouts heal faster.

I love that it has bentonite clay (hence, the tingle) and tea tree essential oil to actually kill the bacteria that contributes to breakouts in the first place. It has a cooling sensation as well, which I love.

That being said, if you have sensitive skin, this wouldn’t be the mask for you. It’s VERY active, meaning it will definitely cause some redness. I actually have pretty sensitive skin and had quite a bit of redness the first time that I used it. Want to prevent redness? Just leave it on for about 5 minutes, or take it off earlier if your skin starts to feel like it’s pulsating.

Rosen Tongling Mud Mask

Rose Water Face Dew $15

This gentle mist definitely smells amazing, just like roses, and gives just a little boost of hydration. I tend to be really bad about using facial mists for some reason, but I’ve been sticking to it a little bit more thanks to this Rose Water Face Dew.

It serves as a nice little pick me up (if I remember to use it) after cleansing. If my skin doesn’t need a ton of hydration that day, it’s a good alternative to moisturizer.

Moonlight Moisturizer $20

Ok, I was actually super excited to try this one! I was a huge fan of MAC Strobe Cream for years before I realized how incredibly full of toxins it was, and I was curious if this Moonlight Moisturizer could really be a good replacement.

Honestly, it’s a pretty good clean swap for it, especially if you love a little glow under your foundation. It’s an especially great moisturizer for summer under a tinted moisturizer. It smells great and it gives a nice subtle (not too shimmery) glow.

Rosen Moonlight Moisturizer

Bright Citrus Serum $18

The Bright Citrus Serum is a great, lightweight, vitamin C serum. I love that it has minimal ingredients and a high concentration of vitamin C. Unfortunately, the texture is a little awkward for me. I feel like a lot of it drips off my hands and is hard to get directly onto my face. The texture is incredibly thin, exactly like water.

I’ve tried adding it to a moisturizer and end up with the same problem. Other than the texture though, it’s ultimately a good product and accomplishes what it’s supposed to, getting a boost of vitamin C into the skin!

Super Smoothie Cleanser $18

When I first tried this Super Smoothie Cleanser, I was OBSESSED with it. It smells amazing and I didn’t feel like it stripped my skin at all. The honeymoon wore off pretty quickly with this one though, as the bottle exploded on me, maybe like the third time I used it?

I do live in Colorado and that can happen sometimes with the elevation, but I noticed it suddenly had a fizzy texture, like after you shake a bottle of champagne, and I think that fizziness is what caused the explosion. I also noticed that it was starting smell a little off, so I quit using it.

It was a bummer because I was so in love with it at first. I’m going to reach out to Rosen to see if I can get a replacement, and I will keep you posted if it was a fluke or if it happens again!

The Bottom Line

Overall, I think that Rosen Skincare is a GREAT line for oily or acne-prone skin. The ingredients are super minimal and the prices are great. It’s female-founded, which I always love and they’re always coming out with fun new products. I’m looking forward to trying their new Earth Mask, a more hydrating mask than their other creations, as well as their Earth Cleanser, a foaming cleanser with eucalyptus oil.

Have you tried the line? Let me know your thoughts. Love product reviews? Check out my Aster & Bay product review, here!

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