5 Pregnancy Must-Haves For Soon-To-Be Mamas

July 18, 2020

5 Pregnancy Must-Haves For Soon-To-Be Mamas


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Whether you’re a first-time Mom or a seasoned pro, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you that I have been loving during this pregnancy. These are all items that I have used almost every single day of my pregnancy and I’ve personally recommended them to other new Moms that I know. I just wish that I had found out about many of them sooner so that I could have enjoyed them longer throughout my pregnancy!

Nursing Bras

These nursing bras have been a complete lifesaver for me. I’ve been wearing them for several months even during pregnancy (why wait!) because they are just so comfortable.

They even come with three bra extenders that work on any bra that you own, so they can extend the life of all of your pre-pregnancy bras as well.

After owning them for only a week, I purchased a second set because they were just so darn comfortable, I didn’t want to go back to wearing my regular bras and I wanted to make sure I had one in every color.

Under The Bump Maternity Panties

I looked at these “under the bump” maternity panties for several weeks on Amazon before actually making the purchase and I wish I did it so much sooner. I wasn’t sure how comfortable they would be, but they are probably my favorite thing that I have acquired during my entire pregnancy and the best 24 bucks that I’ve spent.

Magnesium Lotion

I have been a huge fan of magnesium for years, but I’ve never really been one to use it topically. That changed with pregnancy when I wasn’t able to take the high doses internally that I was used to taking to help with my ongoing insomnia and anxiety (hello pregnancy!)

With aching muscles and joints from my rapidly changing body, I was happy to try this alternative and I was SO excited to find out that it not only helped with sore muscles but still absorbed enough magnesium to actually help me sleep more soundly.

There are many brands on the market, but this all-natural version by 8 Sheeps Organics is handmade and woman-owned, so I was happy to give them my business and I was ultimately very happy with my purchase!

All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

Being 5 months pregnant when a pandemic hits is not something that I would recommend. It did, however, give me some rather immediate inspiration to create a hand sanitizer with super clean ingredients, which turned out to be beneficial both for me and for my business.

I intentionally created this hand sanitizer as a spray rather than a lotion or gel so that I could also use it to easily sanitize surfaces throughout the day like my cell phone, keyboard, steering wheel, and even door handles.

It’s the perfect size to throw into your purse or glove compartment and has a light citrus scent (using only essential oils) but it’s still light enough for us soon-to-be-mamas newly sensitive sense of smell.

This is the one thing that has lived in my purse and my car for the past several months, I don’t leave home without it.

Fiber Smart Capsules

Ok, this is the least glamorous item on the list, but arguably one of the most important. It’s hands-down the best and most gentle fiber pill that I have found on the market. I used it before I was pregnant, and I cleared it with my midwife to use during my pregnancy as well.

It keeps things moving even with all of the increased hormonal changes, but also provides protection against leaky-gut when you *may* not be eating the healthiest diet (hello, french fries and milkshakes!)

I really hope they never stop making it because I have been using it for years, and it really has been a life-saver during these last few months of pregnancy.

Don’t Forget To Share Your Tips With Me

Well, these are just a few of my favorite pregnancy finds. I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 pregnancy must-haves for soon-to-be mamas! If you found any of these helpful, please be sure to share this with other moms that you know! As always, if I missed any of our favorites be sure to share them with me so I can pass them along too!

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