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I'm an intuitive empath, holistic aesthetician, and indie beauty company founder. After recovering from autoimmune disease, PCOS, and infertility, I love sharing the holistic lifestyle tips I've learned to help busy mamas crack the code on safer products that actually WORK + a lifestyle that works for YOU.

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Clean beauty + holistic wellness tips to help you crack the code on safe beauty products that actually WORK + a lifestyle that works for YOU.


Baby Girl Boho Nursery

I’ve always been a sucker for mid-century modern and all things pink, so when we found out that we were having a girl, it didn’t take me long to realize that pretty much everything on my Pinterest board was falling into one of those two categories. Our baby girl boho nursery was destined to have […]

Pregnant in a Pandemic: Thoughts About Health and Destiny on my 38th Birthday

“I reject that statement. You don’t determine my destiny, only God does.” This became my life motto several years ago, almost by accident. Although I don’t believe in accidents. I was at the very beginning stages of learning to trust my body after changing my diet and stopping gluten about 7 years earlier. I had […]

Devils Backbone Maternity Photo Shoot

Before we begin, I should explain that I have a somewhat interesting history with my photographer, especially when it comes to wildlife. I’ve known Steve for years, and it never fails that he gets some of the most epic shots imaginable on just about every occasion. Moose on the Loose Brendan and I had our […]

5 Pregnancy Must-Haves For Soon-To-Be Mamas

Whether you’re a first-time Mom or a seasoned pro, I wanted to share some of my favorite finds with you that I have been loving during this pregnancy. These are all items that I have used almost every single day of my pregnancy and I’ve personally recommended them to other new Moms that I know. […]

Gua Sha Tips

THE GUA SHA REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN. Well, technically it began thousands of years ago, but who’s counting? 😹 I’ve been obsessed with this little tool lately, so I wanted to share a little bit more about it with you and share some of my best Gua Sha tips to make the process a little less […]

Benefits of CBD Oil

If you’ve been in my vicinity at all in the past year, you’ve definitely heard me talking about my obsession with CBD. For some reason, it took me a long time to really gain enthusiasm for CBD, but now that I’m on the bandwagon, I can’t shut up about the benefits of CBD oil. I’ve […]

The Benefits of Infrared Saunas

While it might seem silly to strip naked in your living room or bedroom, climb into a gleaming dome of what looks like sleeping bag material, and sweat bullets until your favorite podcast is over, trust me, IT’S WORTH IT. You’ve probably heard that sitting in a sauna is a great way to detoxify, right? […]

Do Weighted Blankets Really Work

Have you been hearing about weighted blankets lately and wondering what the heck all the hype is about? I remember when I first heard about weighted blankets and was instantly intrigued. I’m always up for anything that will help with anxiety, but I was also skeptical.  I couldn’t help but wonder, do weighted blankets really […]

The 5 Reiki Principles

I cried the whole way home from the fertility clinic yesterday. Although we’ve been going through this for almost two years, at that moment, I finally realized that my journey was really just beginning. And despite the support network that I am lucky enough to have, I realized that it definitely wasn’t going to be enough. […]

How To Do A New Moon Manifesting Ceremony

If you’ve been living on planet Earth for a while now, you’ve likely been hearing all about the moon cycles and manifesting and moon ceremonies. You may be wondering…what the heck is everyone talking about?! If you’re #mooncurious and don’t know where to start, today I’m going to share with you a super simple way […]