Baby Girl Boho Nursery

August 4, 2020

Baby Girl Boho Nursery


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I’ve always been a sucker for mid-century modern and all things pink, so when we found out that we were having a girl, it didn’t take me long to realize that pretty much everything on my Pinterest board was falling into one of those two categories. Our baby girl boho nursery was destined to have a mid-century vibe with just enough pink for some decidedly girly flare.

I do love the Scandanavian feel of natural elements like greenery, fur, and wood, so I really wanted to incorporate some of those components as well.

Color Inspiration

Although I didn’t really have a clear vision for the nursery, as I was browsing through Etsy, I found a rainbow baby mobile, and the stage was pretty much set from there. My warm pink and coral color inspiration was decided and the search was on for what I could actually order in time. #pregnantinapandemic

Pregnant In A Pandemic

With COVID-19, we had SO many shipping delays. Things were suddenly out of stock after months of waiting. Items would go completely missing for weeks at a time. I really wasn’t sure if we would even be able to finish the nursery in time!

I am so happy to say that with the arrival of our dresser (finally!) we were able to put away the monstrous pile of clothes and gifts and start getting things organized.

Dock-A-Tot vs. Snuggle Me Organic Infant Loungers

It took me a while to decide between the Dock-A-Tot and the Snuggle Me Organic when I was comparing infant loungers. Ultimately, I decided I preferred the aesthetic of the Snuggle Me Organic, and of course, I loved that it was the more organic option.

Moses Baskets

I really did a lot of research trying to find a Moses basket that the Snuggle Me Organic would fit inside. I had no idea how hard it would be to find an affordable option that I actually liked.

The Plum and Sparrow basket was a little bit of a splurge, but the lounger fits perfectly and I love the way that it looks in the nursery.

If this is something you are considering, keep in mind that they do NOT recommend putting the infant loungers inside of any basket for safety reasons.

This is just something that we may do occasionally to transport the baby from room to room under full supervision, but they should never be left alone in that type of scenario.

Organic Baby Mattress

Another item that I researched heavily was the baby mattress. I definitely wanted something organic and free of chemicals, so when I found the Newton Baby Organic Crib Mattress and realized that it was also made with completely breathable fabric, I was pretty much sold.

This was another splurge item, but having severe anxiety, I figured that the peace of mind of a breathable mattress was probably worth it.

Owlet Sock Baby Monitor

The Owlet Smart Sock was the one tech item that I went back and forth on, not knowing if it would help or increase my anxiety. It monitors the baby’s heart rate during the night and alerts you to any abnormalities.

I didn’t love the idea of needing Bluetooth and WiFi to operate the sock, but I did find out that the alert would still sound even if you weren’t using the app, so that was a good enough compromise for me. I’m hoping this will give me some peace of mind so that I can actually catch up on some sleep while the baby is sleeping.

We actually ended up going with a different brand for the camera baby monitor. So many Moms that I talked to were not huge fans of the quality of the Owlet Baby Monitor Camera. We decided to go with the VAVA Baby Monitor, which doesn’t require a WiFi connection. We will just be using the Owlet baby sock as a safeguard against emergencies.

Keekaroo Changing Table

When it came to choosing a changing table, I was just not a huge fan of those traditional cloth-covered changing tables, especially knowing how many times I would probably have to wash the covers. So, when I found out a changing table existed that you could just wipe off with a baby wipe, I was instantly sold.

The Keekaroo is a super soft, silicone-like material, but it almost feels like velvet, it’s so soft. This is another item that took me a while to decide to pull the trigger on because it is definitely a higher price than the traditional model.

But, when I realized that I would be saving SO many extra trips to the laundry room, I decided that it was worth the extra investment. As soon as it arrived, and I felt how luxurious it feels and how easy it looks to clean, I was so glad that I did.

Heirloom Baby Furniture

Here is the final peek of our baby girl’s boho nursery. All of the items will be linked below with the exception of the rocking chair and cradle. The cradle was handmade by my parent’s friend for me when I was a baby and the rocking chair has been in our family for decades.

As you can imagine they both hold so much sentimental value for me. I can’t believe my baby girl will soon be sleeping in the same cradle that I did as a baby, and I will be rocking her in the same chair as my Mom rocked me.

Vintage Rug

The rug is a vintage rug that I found on Etsy, so it’s a one of a kind item as well, but I will link to the shop where it was purchased. I found so many beautiful rugs on Etsy during my search, I know you can find a similar one with a little digging if you happen to be looking for one too.

Boho Nursery Reveal

Now, without further adieu, here is our baby girl boho nursery reveal!

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