Kopa Kauai Soap Company

December 10, 2019

Product Review: Kopa Kauai Soap Company


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If you stopped using bar soap in your teenage years and haven’t really thought about it since then, you’ll definitely want to pay attention today because today I’m sharing one of my very favorite companies, the Kopa Kauai Soap Company.

I’ve been a huge fan of bar soap rather than foaming body wash ever since I started switching my products over to cleaner versions. For me, bar soap is just such a great option, and without all of the foaming agents and preservatives that can sometimes be found even in most “clean” body washes.

I’m always a huge fan of shopping small and supporting women in business and I am absolutely obsessed with the Kopa Kauai Soap Company, created by Jean (Jenny) Mason in Kauai, Hawaii. Using organic oils, fruit butters, botanicals, and clay, she creates the most lovely soaps.

When I first stumbled upon this particular soap company, I was instantly intrigued because I wasn’t familiar with the difference between sea salt soap and regular handmade bar soap and I couldn’t wait to learn more about the two options.

It turns out that because these handmade bars of soap are made with sea salt, they last way longer than traditional soap. They are also preserved naturally from the salt, which enables them to be infused with a huge quantity of absolutely heavenly essential oils (more so than regular handmade soap). Another benefit of the high quantity of essential oils is that no artificial fragrances are needed to create the absolutely heavenly aromas.

With the texture of polished stone when wet, these soaps lather beautifully but rinse cleanly away, preventing that icky shower buildup that you might be used to from traditional bar soap.

I love purchasing a curated selection of these soaps (particularly the sea salt soaps) for family and friends. They come packaged SO beautifully and make the best gifts. Plus, I feel so great about supporting a small business and knowing that they put so much love and care into each individual product.

Whether you’re already a fan of sea salt soap or you’re ready to give it a try, definitely consider checking out Kopa Kauai! And if you love product reviews, you can check out more of my clean beauty product reviews here!

You can also check out another one of my FAVORITE woman-owned small businesses, Leahlani Skincare, which happens to be run by Jenny’s daughter, Leah!

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