Top 5 Clean Body Product Swaps Under $12

January 9, 2019

5 Budget-Friendly Clean Beauty Swaps


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Do you feel completely overwhelmed at the thought of sifting through all of the clean beauty options on the market in an effort to find any that you don’t hate? I know how frustrating it is to spend so much money trying to make the switch to cleaner products, just to end up disappointed and sad that you’ve wasted your hard-earned dollars, once again. Trust me, I’ve been there. I love testing out the best (and the worst) clean beauty products and am determined to find ones that actually work.

Top 5 Clean Body Product Swaps Under $12

So today, I’m sharing just a few of my favorites with you, so that you can stop throwing your dollars away in the name of safer beauty. Here are my top five budget-friendly clean beauty swaps that are tried and true.

Dr. Bronner’s Shaving Soap $9

Dr. Bronner's Shaving Soap

Shaving cream! Not a glamorous product, but oh-so-necessary. Truth be told, I actually stole this product from my husband. I had given up on finding a clean shaving cream that I actually liked and then, lo and behold, I tried his and I’ve been hooked ever since! I love it so much, that it even made it into this Brit + Co. article!

It comes in several scents, my favorite being peppermint. My husband really likes the lavender, and it also comes in unscented, which I appreciate. It’s less of a cream and more of a gel texture, and it’s one of the only shaving products that doesn’t leave me with those little red bumps that I used to dread so much. This is one product that you definitely have to try and the price is great too!

Formulary 55 Body Polish Botanical Treatment $7

A great body scrub is part of my weekly routine, and a customizable one, for me, is the best kind. I love that you can combine this scrub with coconut oil or a lighter weight oil like jojoba, depending on what your skin needs at the time. My favorite oil to use is argan oil because it sinks right into my skin and rinses cleanly away.

I love the refreshing citrus smell, it definitely wakes me up in the morning and the dead sea mineral salts give the best exfoliation! These single-use packets also make the best gifts and the price is great! Save 25% off your order with code: SARAHBETSY

Type A Deodorant $10

Type A Deodorant

Oh my gosh, deodorant. How much money have we all wasted on clean deodorant trying to find one that actually works? So. Many. Dollars. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’ve tried at least 15 different kinds, most of which ended up in the trash when I was only about halfway through the bottle.

Lucky for you, I finally found one that WORKS! I love that they have a perfect EWG rating and that they offer an unscented version. “The Visionary,” is their scented version and is a super light citrusy smell. The Type A name is also fitting for someone like me, but that’s not why I love it.

It doesn’t make me smell weird an hour into my day, the cap doesn’t get super messy with weird pasty crumbles falling out of the sides, and it’s a lovely soft creamy texture that absorbs right into my skin as soon as I put it on. What more could you ask for in a deodorant? Nada.

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo $12

Primally Pure Dry Shampoo

Can you live without dry shampoo? Cause I sure can’t. Just like deodorant, I’ve tried so many different clean brands with no luck. Until I found this one. It’s lightweight but super absorbent. It smells wonderful, and best of all? It doesn’t make me break out!

I don’t know what it is about dry shampoo, but even with the cleanest brands, I always find myself waking up with breakouts. I hate not being able to go to sleep without washing my hair first. Doesn’t that just defeat the entire point of using dry shampoo?

I have to say, dry shampoo is one of my favorite luxuries. If it’s yours too, this is one that you definitely have to try. I love the smallest size because it’s super travel-friendly and perfect to throw into a gym bag! Save 10% off your order with code: SARAHBETSY10

Apothecary Company Black Magic Detox Charcoal Mask $9

Apothecary Company Black Magic Detox Charcoal Mask

I can’t live without a good charcoal mask, and I sure can’t live without this one. It has everything you love in a charcoal mask like French green clay and activated coconut charcoal, but it also has soothing aloe vera, volcanic minerals, and antibacterial essential oils. I love that it whips up into a thick texture that doesn’t dry out immediately like other charcoal masks that I’ve tried. It tingles slightly when I first put it on and that lets me know that it’s working.

One thing that has totally reigned in my breakouts, is being consistent and really trying to use it at least once per week. It leaves me with super smooth skin. Best of all, it comes in a lightweight packet that’s great for travel, and the price is great too! I like to mix mine with half apple cider vinegar and half water for even more of an exfoliating punch! Save 15% off your order with code: SARAHBETSY15

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